2 Sides

Russian DJ and producer Eugenie Ivanov, better known as 2 Sides, started his career in 2007, immediately establishing himself in the Russian DnB scene. In 2008, '2 Sides Sessions' became a series of popular parties, and by 2010 he was signed to Ingredients and gaining notoriety in St Petersberg and throughout the world.

dRamatic & dbAudio

Nottingham-based producers dRamatic & dbAudio have been making and playing music in the DnB scene since the early 90s.

Over the past two years they've joined forces, developing their own unique style and consistency to create a production powerhouse, knocking together solid, intelligent DnB tunes as if it were childsplay.

Signed to Ingredients, Mars, Flexout, Innerground and Good Looking amongst others, 2012 looks like it'll be pretty rosy for these guys.

Dub Phizix

Self-confessed music obsessive Dub Phizix has become rather a hot topic in DnB of late, with his blend of deep and heavy sounds and intricate drum patterns making waves in the scene.

Emerging from the hotbed of deep minimal that is Manchester, his inspirations may be surprising to some, being that they range way past Photek and into The Yardbirds territory.

Collaborating with Marcus Intalex, Sketical, Stray, Future Cut, Chimpo, Skittles, MC Strategy and Fox, his is a diverse talent and we can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for him.

Foreign Concept

Foreign Concept - formerly known as Mad Rabbit - is an exceptional new DnB talent from South London. In recent years he's made a relatively small number of releases, but each has managed to make a considerable impact on the scene since he began producing back in 2009.

In 2011 his hard work really started paying off, with releases on Samurai, Critical, Shogun, Ingredients, Commercial Suicide and Vampire. Look out for this one.


It's safe to say Jubei became pretty big in the game in 2011. As a solo producer, or working with artists like Breakage, Alix Perez, Icicle, S.P.Y, Lenzman, Logistics and Ulterior Motive, his is a name you really should get to know.

Working hard since his debut release 'Still There' in 2006, he has since been signed to Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, 31 Records, Exit, Critical, Coded Music, Renegade Hardware and of course Ingredients. Jubei is currently a resident at Turbulence @ Digital, and we're not expecting his rise to greatness to slow down any time soon.


Kodo started his life as a DJ in Peterborough as part of 'System Abuse', and is now based in Leeds where he has started producing his own bass-driven masterpieces.

Picked up by Broken Audio, Buried Audio and Ingredients, 2012 should see a lot of this guy. Look out for The Jackal which has already received widespread acclaim months ahead of it's release this spring on Ingredients.


The deep and heavy sounds of Krakota lend themselves perfectly to Ingredients, and it's signature tunes like Be Myself that really howcase what this talented producer slash DJ can do. Picked up back in 2010 by C.I.A, 2011 was a hell of a year for the rising star, and with his abilities at the decks more than matching his production qualities, you'll definitely be hearing far more from him.


Bristol-born DJ and producer Pessimist has quickly become one of DnB's most prolific underground artists, with ratings from Loxy, Ink and D-Bridge and a host of signings on Critical, Ingredients and Horizons. With a seemingly endless stream of hard-edged tracks spinning from this guy's fingers, if you don't already, you should get to know.


Label boss Dj Psylence has been involved in many aspects of Drum & Bass since first raving in 1991. An avid collector of vinyl since 1992 & a regular around Essex in those early 90's, he eventually moved to London in 1994. Attending the seminal night Speed & also a member of the Blue Note for the Metalheadz sunday sessions.

Having been a fan, a DJ, a producer, a promoter and worked in distribution for 8 years, he finally decided to start Ingredients Records. His idea is to nurture new exciting producers and build a foundation by being professional and having a good ear for the music. His Recipe Book album was the start of a new beginning both for himself and his artists, and with exciting new releases in the pipeline from Kodo, Tyrone and Krakota, 2012 looks like it'll be a big year for both him and the label.


Since his teens, Gateshead lad Sato has been producing his own music. Now in his third year of making drum and bass, he's lauded by DJs who have been on the scene far longer - people like Hype, Fabio, Break, Goldie and Doc Scott have heaped praise on by the bucketload.

With signings on Vampire, Creative Source and Ingredients already, look out for him this year, we reckon he's going to be big.


If you don't know about Skeptical by now, get acquainted. With huge releases on Exit, Ingredients, Commercial Suicide, Dispatch, Renegade Hardware and Broken Audio, the past couple of years have been very good to this extremely hard-working DJ, but that doesn't mean he's resting on his laurels.

Production values as precise and devastating as his mixing technique, this is one artist you need to see play this year.


Trex has promoted, DJed, Flyered, lived and breathed drum and bass since the mid 90s, culminating in residences in Brighton, Plymouth and London amongst others.

In 2003 he started producing, and by 2008 he had set up a studio and began releasing his EPs to critical acclaim from Bailey, Grooverider, Marcus Intalex, Total Science, Need for Mirrors, AI and Asides.

Expect more exciting things to come.


UK-based DJ and producer Villem was a compser by trade before DnB took hold of him - signed by Good Looking Records, Ingredients and Symmetry not long after he graduated he's building a reputation for himself within the scene and on the dancefloor.

Alone as Villem, he produces tunes with energy, funk soul and "feel good vibes", however while working collaboratively with Mako under his second pseudonym Mute (are you keeping up?) they produce powerfully dark DnB D-Bridge, Break, Survival and Mikal have already stepped up to say is definitely "their type of thing". One to watch.

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