Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Psylence's Tracks of 2011

It seems to be said every December, but 2011 really has been a big year for drum and bass. Styles have been pushed further than ever, and some truly interesting sounds have emerged from the scene. DJ Psylence takes a look back over the past twelve months and picks his personal favourites from an ever-growing list of brilliant tunes. May the quality continue to escalate in 2012!

10) J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz - Metalheadz

This guy was one of the heroes around 1996/97 on Reinforced and Metalheadz.
His sounds were so deep, and his Metalheadz track Repertoire is still one of my favourite Metalheadz tunes ever, so it was great to hear him hark back to those days once again with this killer tune.

9) DBR UK - Fortress VIP - Dispatch

DBR UK are a collective form Luton who have made some great tracks in the last year or so.
People talk about the old Metalheadz / Blue Note days and this track reminds me of them so much.
The sort of track Doc Scott would have drawn in 1996. Excellent.

8) dRamatic & dbAudio - So Strong - Mars Recordings

This duo from Nottingham have had a big year! Their debut on Ingredients' "Life Console" was hammered
on Radio 1 and they've just gone from strength to strength since. "So Strong" reminds me of High Contrast
of old and it's electric vibes with the huge sub should have made it one of the most played tunes of 2011 in my book.

7) Break - Framework - Symmetry

Break is a beast in the studio, I've not heard a producer push his equipment so hard since Dillinja.
As a dj, sometimes you want a track that just annihilates the dance floor and this does it every time.

6) Skeptical - Refraction - Ingredients Records

Skeptical has been my favorite producer for the last two years, and I make no excuses for that, he's just brilliant. It was either going to be this or 'Blue Eyes', but there are so many to choose from I could be here all day. Why Refraction? It's the 2011 version of 1999's Ed Rush & Optical. Sick.

5) Enei & MC DRS - Obsession - Critical

Enei is one of the few producers this year who I rated but didn't manage to get any music out of.
His EP earlier in the year was brilliant, as was his big hit Cracker (Danger dance was the one for me),
But this latest offering with DRS kills it. DRS is the mastermind behind the current wave of excitement
coming out of Manchester at the moment and this track just hits the spot with where d&b is at in 2011.

4) Villem - Splinter In Your Mind - Ingredients Records

Villem is one third of Mute & Mako and half of Mute! This guy has a great attitude to drum & bass and what he feels people want to hear on the dance floor. This track is perfect, just can't fault it.

3) Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Rags - Exit

The B side to Marka, but don't think for one minute it's a filler. An absolute beast of a tune that even Photek would admire, I'm sure.

2) Mute & Mako - Astral Transmissions - Ingredients Records

This trio from Bristol are very versatile and are accomplished producers. When they sent this over to me as a demo, I couldn't quite believe it was available. Tracks like these are very rare; play from start to end.

1) Dub Phizix feat Strategy - The Editor - Soul:R

The attitude in this tune is awesome, with its moody bass line and slick vocals from the excellent MC Strategy. Their Manchester sound is finally getting props & this definitely gets my vote as tune of the year.

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