Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Very Ingredients Christmas: Part One

We thought we'd be cool and give you some Christmas recipes & tips for the festive period. After all, turkey gets a lot of hype, but when it comes to a third day of leftovers it’s probably time to say ‘enough’. Christmas (and that week that doesn’t really exist between Christmas and New Year) should be a time of chocolate oranges, cheese, and bucks fizz for breakfast. It definitely shouldn’t be about eating boring old dry poultry. Since he’s so good to you, DJ Psylence got thinking about some almost-festive recipes to give you a bit of a break from your sixty-seventh turkey and camembert sarnie (it’s a great combo, try it!)

I looked at what would be relevant rather than trying to be all "Heston" and get you creating
a laboratory of scientific experiments.

  • Tip: I was thinking of Turkey dishes for Boxing day onwards, but look, it's simple to avoid eating the big bird for days on end, just buy a smaller one than usual.
  • Tip: Don't worry about piling on the pounds eating too much chocolate, just buy fun-size everything.
  • Tip: Avoid having to wash-up after the big meal, just fall asleep on the sofa, it's acceptable at Christmas.

Caesar Salad with Chicken for 2

1 x Cos lettuce
6 anchovies
8 slices of bread
Parmesan cheese (fresh)
2 x breasts of chicken
Olive oil
Salt & cracked black pepper

  1. Season the chicken breasts with salt and black pepper. Oven bake them until cooked.
  2. Dice the slices of bread and put in a bowl, with some olive oil, fresh garlic and salt.
  3. Mix through so they are wet and oven bake to make croutons. 
  4. Put the mayo in a bowl, add 2 chopped anchovies, a little garlic, french mustard and a good dash of cold water.
  5. Mix it through, it should be a little runny. 
  6. In a bowl, add some chopped cos lettuce, add some mayo and mix it through, then the croutons.
  7. Transfer to the serving bowls. Slice up the chicken breast into 4 and lay on top, slice some parmesan
  8. cheese with a veg peeler, and lay 2 anchovies on top.

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